Fledgling Jones

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My First Employee


A popular service amongst start ups and growing businesses.  Take the first step of employing someone confidently with our help.

Starter for 10


Great for the growing business, signed on a rolling 6-month contract it gives you access to our help, guidance and documents - but in a flexible way. It gives you set hours of our support each month (which can be rolled over) to help with all the people matters that matter to you.  Ideal for up to 10 employees 

Twenty is plenty?


As you grow so do your people needs.  This package is aimed at the business with 10-49 employees and will provide all the fundamentals that you need but will also help you develop your people strategy and resilience.  As a Business grows from the 'kitchen table' to the Board Room so does the support you need - that's where we come in.  

The Sky's the Limit


Once you are over 50 employees, we can alter our support, of course, we will still nail the fundamentals, but we can bolster your Business with Board level HR professionals and executive coaches to ensure that you getting the best out of your Business, but also yourself. 

Suits You?


Don't want to be pigeonholed or have a specific bit of work you need help with? We're good with that too, fixed fee of course. 

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Yes Coach


Whilst looking out for your business and employees, don't forget yourself (or your rising stars) - we can help develop you to be the best you can be by assigning you a coach to challenge, cajole, develop and support you.